Website & Social Media Services – Be affirmed.

Strategy Development. Strategy development consists of identifying goals and associated data to measure, defining the target market and it’s desires, and identifying appropriate online tactics (which includes identifying the mediums as well as best practices for the respective mediums,). In addition, since the notion “if you build it, they will come” isn’t always a reality when it comes to web content, a significant portion of strategy development  development also of  identifying tactics to drive traffic to your online mediums as well as how to drive traffic from online to offline channels.

Social Media. Whether you’re currently engaged in the social media world, or are looking to enter, I’ll help your organization 1) determine the social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Blog, YouTube, or LinkedIn) that will be of benefit, and 2) understand how to best utilize those social media channels.

Content/Layout Optimization. Optimized content drives conversion and engagement by reducing engagement barriers, developing an easy to use site, and ultimately producing a positive user experience.  Since there are several consideration that occur behind the scenes of creating a website, such as where should a user click, how many clicks should a user make before getting to their desired destination, what does the customer expect and want, etc.  I will help your organization achieve content/layout optimization that partners your goals while taking take all aforementioned into consideration. Wireframes included (if necessary).

Competitive Analysis. It’s imperative that organizations stay abreast of what the competition is doing. With a competitive analysis, I will provide an extensive review of the competitive landscape on the internet (including online tactics, web content, web design,  user experience, and branding)  as well as provide recommendations based on findings.

Website Analysis. Continuous site analysis, which reviews key performance indicators including both traffic and conversion as well as user feedback is one of the best  ways to determine what’s working and what’s not working. As I provide a website analysis, I provide  a comprehensive report that not only includes data and insights, but also provides actionable recommendations.

Advising. Maybe you’re simply looking for a little internet or social media guidance. Advising sessions vary by topic in order to cater to your specific to your needs.